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22 April 2008
gg_zone is ready for download Gun Game Zone.


21 October 2006
This is a full compiled version, it's hafe of the map de_zone andrew27. The complie time was 14 houres, dame' I have a problem.

8 October 2006
Setup Mani tutorial is ready. Remenber to enable the quake sounds in the mani_quake_sounds.cfg.

6 October 2006
Oh - on mozilla firefox is the border on tekstfeild not showing right
style="border-right  : thin solid #3A352C"
style="border-left     : thin solid #3A352C"
Well; hope u bear whiff me or tell me HowTo correct it §:) mail

5 October 2006
Setup dedicated server tutorial is ready, hope you like it. I suggest that you place it 'C:\mani\srcds.exe', so it's logical ready for the Mani Server Plugin.

4 October 2006
This site is up and running. There is to releases to day, one is that it my first PHP site and the second is that it's about my first counterstrike map. The primap de_zone_bot is ready for download.

I have spent some time with the 'mani admin plugin' which is a 'must have' to admin your counterstrike server. If you don't have it, go to Mani Admin Plugin and check it out.

Mani Admin Plugin